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We all want to use the Best Beauty Products, but it’s harder and harder to know what products work well without forking over more and more dollars.  Through personal research and reviews, from makeup to skin care to fitness beauty products, and with input from readers and friends and family, we’ve written beauty blogs to share the knowledge! From picking the best foundation and sunblock to the best hair products, deodorant and more, check out some of our beauty product reviews below. Plus, feel beautiful each day with our vacation tips and suggestions.

Have items you’d like us to check out to see if we should add them to our Best Beauty Products list? We most frequently review traditional beauty products but are open to items related to overall health, diet, selfcare and more.  Reach out to us on Instagram @MarketingwithShana

We’re happy to try out many product categories related to beauty, including clothing, makeup and more. We even wrote about whether we think the Kindle is Better than Paper Books – what do you think? Which items make up what you consider to be in the beauty category? We think of beauty as a broad category of anything that makes life beautiful for us – whether it’s a vacation, great find to make our lives easier, or something that makes us feel special and/or beautiful. We hope you find joy in reading about our best beauty product finds, and look forward to connecting!

Posts are based on our personal experiences and are not an endorsement. We may receive a small commission from Amazon if you purchase on their site after using one of our links to go to Amazon. We are not affiliated or paid to endorse any products. Do you agree with our experiences? Which products do you love? Let us know on Instagram @MarketingwithShana

Happy beauty blog reading!

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