Best Sunblock Aerosol Sprays

Let me start by saying I absolutely love the aerosol sunblock sprays. I don’t know how anyone cannot love them. They are the best sunblocks – easy to use, easy to reapply, and they work great! Yes, you have to make sure you spray all over and don’t miss a spot, but you have to do that with sunblocks that get rubbed on too, and this way the sunblock is not all over your hands too! Below are the Best Sunblock Aerosol Sprays on the market.

Coppertone kids best sunblock for kids -

Coppertone Kids – the best sunblock for kids.

Coppertone Sport - best sunblock for active fun in the sun.

Coppertone Sport – best sunblock for active fun in the sun.

Best Sunblock for the Kids

Coppertone Sunblock. Period. First, there is Coppertone Water Babies, which is fantastic – great coverage, works great even on sensitive skin, and I think you can start using it when your baby is only six months old. It has been a lifesafer for me and my kids. I have two pretty pale kids, and one has blond hair and blue eyes, so I’m extremely diligent about sun protection. I swear by the Coppertone brand. Now that the kids are a little older, they don’t want to be seen with me applying the water babies sunblock, so I changed to the Coppertone Kids a few years ago.

I spray it on once a day and they’re covered. If we’re in warmer climates (Carribean) or in stronger sun zones, I reapply it after lunch. Even with swimming, tubing, beach fun, toweling off and more swimming, I’ve never had an issue with either kids getting a sunburn. If I can’t find the Coppertone Kids, I grab the Coppertone Sport, which also works great. None of these rub off onto your swimsuit or towel like some other brands do. I even spray them right onto my kids faces (they are old enough to squeeze their eyes shut, pull in their lips and exhale as I spray). The spray doesn’t get into their eyes and works great.

Best (non) Sunblock for you? 🙂

Bain de Soleil Tanning Spray. For those who want to expose their skin to a bit more of the sun, and get that golden glow despite the known risks, the Bain de Soleil Spf 4 works great. I can’t help but worship the sun on those winter getaways to warmer climates, and the Bain de Soleil kept me from burning, but still allowed me to get a nice golden tan.

I’ve tried the Banana Boat, Neutrogena, No Ad, and generic Target aerosol sunblock sprays, and still find the above to be the best sunblock aerosol sprays.

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