J. McLaughlin Clothing

My J. McLaughlin clothing favorites are dresses, which come in a variety of styles, with pockets and without, collared necks and v-necks, and their trace jackets. They are perfect for work, a night out, or a casual day at the beach. The soft, comfortable and stretchy Catalina Cloth blend of nylon and spandex make J. McLaughlin clothing easy to love.

I’ve tried other dresses made up of the same material at least according to the labels, but the blend of the fabrics J. McLaughlin uses are always better – not sure how they do it! It’s like following a recipe and expecting the same results, but the J. McLaughlin clothing fabrics just can’t be imitated well by others. They must have access to premium nylon or spandex because their dresses are just superior in every way – they hold up longer wash after wash, and they have a smooth polished look so I can wear their dresses to work or to play. They are also cut very well and are flattering even on this mom body 🙂 Thankful for my J. Mclaughlin clothing for making me feel confident and comfortable throughout the year with the Catalina Cloth dresses (with a sweater in the spring, fall and winter up here in the Northeast), and the Bainbridge cloth in the cooler months .

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