Best hair dryer for Salon Hair at Home

A colleague who I commiserate with over hair challenges shared this great new tool with me. She uses it on her own hair, and her daughter’s (down-to-her-waist!) hair with great results. Knowing she’s as particular as me, and impatient for effective solutions, if she said it’s the best hair dryer out there, I had to at least check it out.

I jumped onto Amazon and searched for the new Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Brush she recommended. I was pleasantly surprised to find the cost to be quite reasonable at under $50. The 190,000 ratings with a nearly 5-star average, gave me additional confidence to give it a go! (And who knew I was so late to the party with so many ratings already?!)

Trial Results – Best New Hair Dryer?

I was excited to try it out! My daughter’s hair is down to the middle of her back, and she likes to straighten it a few times a week. Sometimes she’ll even let me help. This typically involves the hair dryer, a flat or round brush, and then a flat iron after it’s dry to smooth it out. In other words, it’s work and takes quite a bit of time! Even with what we thought was the best hair dryer from previous trials!

The Revlon One Step arrived fast (it was from Amazon). We quickly learned why so many people rated it favorably. It’s quick and easy – just plug and play – and very easy to maneuver. It allowed me to quickly and easily grab hair, dry it, and smooth it all at once. It was easier to hold (not as heavy as my hair dryer). Plus, it left me with a free hand to gather the hair section I wanted to work on next.


I would definitely call the Revlon One Step the new Best Hair Dryer for many reasons – it’s faster and easier, and it’s lightweight and convenient.

Smooth hair with this best hair dryer tool by Revlon

It’s hard to tell with this photo, but I have a ton of wavy fine hair that loves to curl and tangle!

The only con with this new tool is that it does get hot to the touch as you’re using it. Use caution to not touch the black area during use . I actually went back and bought another one – it’s that great of a hair dryer!

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J. McLaughlin dresses – Best Dresses for Women

If you don’t love J. McLaughlin dresses, you likely haven’t been introduced to them yet. They are my hands down absolute favorite dresses. J. McLaughlin dresses are amazingly soft, comfortable and extremely flattering. Second, need I say more than their Catalina Cloth? Soft, comfortable, stretchy, and just thick enough to smooth out all areas, it’s by far my favorite fabric blend of nylon and spandex. And third, their Bainbridge cloth is equally flattering and comfortable, and just a bit thicker for a more all-season option.

Most importantly, J. McLaughlin has the best dresses for women because they are made to last. They are timeless, high quality, comfortable and very stylish. Most of them are hand washable but I typically throw them in the wash and dryer on low – they do show wash wear over time but it’s sooo much easier! The dresses can be dressed up or down, and easily paired with flip flops, heels or even boots! I love to add one of the J. McLaughlin cardigans or jackets for an additional layer.

J. McLaughlin Dresses come in a variety of styles, with pockets and without, collared necks and v necks, faux wraps and more. Finally, they are perfect as a work dress, going casual or more dressy for a night out, as wedding guest dress, or a dress for a casual day at the beach. To sum it up, J. McLaughlin dresses are the ones I get the most compliments on, hands down! Nearly every time I wear one, someone asks me what brand it is – they are that flattering!

A few of my favorite J. McLaughlin Dresses:

Emma Dress. A truly timeless dress, the Emma features two front pockets and an easy pullover style. It comes with the choice of sleeveless, cap sleeves or 3/4 sleeves, a soft square neck, banded waist details, and is typically about 36″ in length. The link is to an Emma dress I have for sale in my virtual closet on Poshmark. 20% of all proceeds go to local charities. Other styles, colors and sizes are available. If the dress is sold out by the time you click the link, you can view other items in my J. McLaughlin sale.

Sage Dress. Classic and contemporary, the J. McLaughlin Sage dress comes in 3/4 sleeves or sleeveless. It is ruched on the right side to offer a bit of fun sass to a streamlined easy dress. Approximate length is 39″, and it has a boat neck. The link is to a Sage dress I have for sale in my virtual closet on Poshmark. 20% of all proceeds go to local charities. Other styles, colors and sizes are available. If the dress is sold out by the time you click the link, certainly you can view other items in my J. McLaughlin sale.

The J. McLaughlin Lola Dress was my first J. McLaughlin dress ever(!), and began my obsession. Most importantly, after it’s amazingly soft and flattering fabric, is the fact that it features a figure-flattering wide waistband with ruched details, and is about 38″ in length. It comes with the choice of 3/4 sleeves or sleeveless. The Lola Dress is currently sold out in my closet.

Even more J. McLaughlin dresses:

The J. McLaughlin Bedford Dress is gorgeous, but unfortunately it doesn’t work so great for this long-waisted girl (hey, J. McLaughlin, if you’re reading this PLEASE make a tall or long torso version!). They are very popular as they are made in both the Bainbridge all-season fabric as well as the lighter, stretchier Catalina cloth fabric. They feature a quarter zip front and typically are long sleeve. They also make a shirt in this style.

View my sale on J. McLaughlin gently used dresses; they sell quickly, so move quickly if you like something! I price them very competitively, and sometimes even have new with tags J. McLaughlin on sale!

Shop today for up to 70% off J. McLaughlin retail prices! Use the filters to only see items that are new or specific categories (like dresses) in your size.

Love this J. McLaughlin Dress?

It’s the Lacey Swing Dress in Cheetah Jacquard

Back in stock! Retail $268; Gently used only $50!

Another beautiful J. McLaughlin Dress in Size Medium – made with Catalina Cloth – Gently used only $49!

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How to Discount Multiple Items on Poshmark

Poshmark Quick Tips

Read About How to Discount Multiple Items on Poshmark with a few short clicks – desktop and mobile friendly solutions.

Wondering how others are providing a discount on multiple items on Poshmark? Read these quick tips on how to set up the discount on multiple items below – on desktop or mobile.

Discount Multiple Items Poshmark – Desktop & Mobile Bundling How To Guide

In order to set up discounts for multiple items, simply open Poshmark on your desktop browser. I use Google Chrome, so the screenshots may appear slightly different for you if you use a different browser.

Easy Steps to Discount Multiple Items – Bundle Feature on the Desktop

One way to send a discount to customers on multiple items is to create a “bundle” for customers. A bundle is like a shopping cart. In other words, customers can buy multiple items at once and only pay for shipping once. Follow the steps below to create a bundle for your customers:

  1. From your desktop browser, login to Poshmark. Find the user you’d like to create a bundle for. Ideally the buyer has liked one or more items from your closet in this scenario.
  2. After you’ve found the user you’d like to create a user for, click on the little bag icon on the right of their profile page next to the About & Follow Buttons. (You need to be logged in to Poshmark to see the icon.)

3. Once you have clicked on the bag, you will open up a bundle. The bundle you see now is one that you can use for your own purchases from their closet. What you want is to create a bundle for them to buy from you! In order to do this, click on the down arrow on the right of their name, and choose “Switch to Sell View.” Screen shot below.

4. Now you can see the items the (potential) buyer has liked in your closet!

5. Add them to the bundle by clicking the plus sign under each item. In the screenshot below you can see that the middle shopping bag icon has a plus sign if it’s not yet in the bundle, and a check mark within the bag if it is in the bundle.

6. Once you’ve added the items to the bundle, you can click the offer button and send a discounted rate to buy all of the items in the bundle. You can also add a comment below the items thanking the buyer for shopping in your closet.

That’s it!

Easy Steps to Discount Multiple Items – Bundle Feature on Mobile (iPhone iOS)

Sending a discount to customers on multiple items using the “bundle” feature on mobile is just as easy from your mobile device. A bundle is like a shopping cart, where you can put items together to be shipped all at once. You can add an automatic discount for bundles, and/or provide a discount on multiple items manually by following the steps below on mobile. (Note I only have an iPhone so this applies to the iPhone application, although I imagine it’s likely similar on Android devices.)

  1. Open the Poshmark app on your iPhone. Make sure you are logged in.
  2. Find the user you’d like to create a bundle for to send a multiple item discount.
  3. On the top right of the screen, click the little shopping bag icon just to the left of the three dots.
  4. Now you are in a bundle, or shopping cart for yourself for this buyer. You want to create a bundle for them to buy from you! In order to do this, click the three dots on the top right of the screen and choose “Switch to Sell View.” (screen shot above is similar).
  5. You can now see which items the potential buyer has liked and add them to their bundle or shopping cart by clicking the plus sign under each item (screen shot above is similar).
  6. Add items to the bundle, and when are ready, click the “offer” button on the lower right of the screen to send the buyer a discount on the items in their bundle. You can also post a comment here to thank them for shopping, or offer to answer any questions.

Best Blender for Smoothies and Bowls

I love smoothies and after a local Juicery started making amazing smoothie bowls, I’ve been trying to make them at home. We had the NutriBullet for years, and have slowly replaced parts here and there. Recently the motor started smelling, so unquestionably, I knew it was time to look into a new option. I did the typical Amazon search for reviews and best blender options and found a number of results to try. My requirements were for a blender to fit easily under my low cabinets and quickly and easily make smoothies and bowls. After a fairly extensive search, I decided to try the Ninja brand. Numerous reviews said it was the best blender for smoothies and bowls.

The Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender Duo

This blender is a huge step above the NutriBullet. The motor is stronger, it cleans just as easily as the NutriBullet. The super easy functions make it fast and easy to start using. Model SS151 comes with a 34-ounce pitcher, which is great when I’m making smoothies for more than just myself. Additionally, it comes with smaller single serve cups, lids and a small recipe book. The instructions were very simple and clear, and after a quick wash, we were able to start using the blender. It’s definitely the best blender for smoothies and bowls I’ve ever used.

I am impressed with the power, speed, versatility and easy-to-clean benefits. I had heard from others that Ninja is the best blender, but now I’m a true believer! Even my teen son is on board and making smoothies or bowls everyday.

It crushes ice easily and I’m excited to try it to make spreads and more!

The only thing I’d recommend is to make sure you have ingredients on hand when you receive it! I had to go out and buy more frozen bananas and other fruit! We were eager to make more smoothies and bowls after trying out how easy this great blender.

Kindle Better Than Paper Books? This Reader Says Yes.

In an era driven by technology, traditional paper books have found a digital companion in the form of the Kindle. Developed by Amazon, the Kindle has revolutionized the way we read, offering numerous advantages over physical books. I am an avid reader – and have found that using a Kindle is better than paper books. Below I highlight how it enhances the reading experience, convenience, and accessibility for avid book lovers.

Kindle Better than Paper Books

Read More to Find Out Why I think the Kindle is Better than Paper Books for Portability & Convenience, Sustainability & More!

Portability and Convenience:

One of the standout benefits of a Kindle is its exceptional portability and convenience. With the ability to store thousands of books in a single device, the Kindle eliminates the need to carry bulky books during traveling. Whether you’re on the go or at home, the Kindle allows you to access your entire library at your fingertips. Its lightweight design ensures a comfortable reading experience, making it ideal for readers on the go. An added bonus for those who like to read in bed, you can turn on the soft backlighting on the Paperwhite edition and not disturb anyone else.

Compact and Space-saving:

Physical books require considerable shelf space, which can be a constraint for avid readers with limited room (or a limited interest in hoarding) in their homes. Kindles, on the other hand, are compact and take up minimal space. You can store an entire library of books in a device smaller than an average paperback. The Kindle allows you to save valuable space and build an extensive collection without worrying about storage constraints.

Adjustable Text Size and Font Styles:

One of the Kindle’s most convenient features is the ability to customize the reading experience according to personal preferences. With adjustable text size, readers can easily increase or decrease the font size to enhance readability, catering to different visual needs. Additionally, a wide range of font styles is available, allowing readers to choose a style that best suits their preferences. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found this to be extremely helpful.

Built-in Dictionary and Language Support:

The Kindle offers a built-in dictionary, enabling readers to instantly look up the meaning of unfamiliar words with a simple tap. This feature enhances the learning experience and helps expand vocabulary effortlessly. Moreover, Kindles support multiple languages, making them an excellent tool for language learners and bilingual readers. The dictionary is another feature that I use way more often than I’d like to admit.

Easy Access to E-books:

The Kindle provides instant access to a vast library of e-books, allowing readers to browse and download books within seconds. Many classic and contemporary titles are available at lower prices compared to physical copies. This affordability, and convenience, makes the Kindle a cost-effective option for avid readers. Many libraries now allow you to download books right onto your kindle as well.

Adjustable Lighting and Eye-friendly Reading:

Kindles come equipped with adjustable front lighting, enabling readers to customize the brightness according to their surroundings. This feature eliminates the need for external light sources and ensures a comfortable reading experience in various lighting conditions. Additionally, e-ink technology used in Kindles mimics the appearance of ink on paper, reducing eye strain and making it easier to read for extended periods. I use screens a lot at work, and am on my phone often, so using the Paperwhite edition is a way to take a break from a traditional screen. The soft backlight can be used to read in the dark or when out in direct sunlight.

Annotating and Note-taking:

Kindles allow readers to highlight and annotate text, making it easy to revisit important passages or collect key points while reading. The ability to make notes directly on the device ensures a clutter-free reading experience and promotes active engagement with the content. Kindle users can effortlessly organize their highlights and notes, simplifying the process of reviewing and studying material.


The Kindle offers a way to have all of your books at your fingertips without requiring more trees to be cut down and more space to be used for storing books. The Kindle Paperwhite uses very little power and grants you the ability to read from thousands of books. No extra room in the house needed to store the collection, yet another reason having a Kindle is better than paper books.

Go For It: Test it for yourself to find out if the Kindle is Better Than Paper Books

As technology advances, embracing the Kindle as a reading device opens up a world of benefits that enhance the overall reading experience. With its portability, convenience, adjustable features, and easy access to a vast digital library, the Kindle offers an enticing alternative to physical books. While the charm of physical copies will always hold a special place, the Kindle’s versatility and advantages make it an invaluable tool.

Amazon almost always has deals on Kindles – shop around, and I encourage you to check out the Kindle Paperwhite edition. I am now on my third Kindle (like phones, you do have to update them every few years). I bought my current one in December of 2019 and it’s still working great! They also have a cute kids version. Shop all Kindle options here.

I do have a relationship with Amazon and I may receive a small commission. All reviews and notes are based on my own personal experiences with products.

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Best Yoga Mat

When it comes to yoga mats, personal preferences go a long way. Some people prefer a thicker yoga mat, with a firm cushiony feel, while others prefer something thin and firm. One thing is for sure across the board – we want a non-slip surface and a great comfortable mat. Although there may not be a one-mat-fits-all, we think these yoga mats stack up as the best overall.

Overall: Best Mat for Yoga

1.Manduka PROlight Yoga and Pilates Mat. As the name suggests, this mat is lightweight, but it also offers stability and cushion without feeling too soft. It’s sticky Best Yoga mat #1enough to stay put on the floor, and the cushion offers less stress on your joints than cheaper, mats. The PROlight yoga mat feels supportive without too much thickness, and features the closed cell technology, making it less likely to capture bacteria and spread germs. Manduka has excellent customer service, and offers a lifetime warranty on their mats. This mat can’t be beat.

Seeking Additional Grip? 

2.The Combo Mat. If you’re looking for a mat that will allow you to glide through your workouts and grip more as you sweat, The Combo Mat is the best choice. The mat is unique in that it includes a built-in microfiber towel-like top layer. Even better, it’s machine washable, so you can really feel like it’s clean and ready for your next workout. It’s made with biodegradable natural tree rubber and water based print inks! If you sweat like a fountain, you may still want that extra towel for hot yoga!

What about Sustainability? Check out these mats!

3.Jade Harmony Professional 3/16 Inch Yoga MatJade Yoga is a well-known name in yoga mats, and the Harmony Professional is well liked among many professional yoga instructors and frequent yoga participants. Made with open-cell, natural rubber, it offers excellent stickiness, with slip resistance even while you sweat. Known as the mat that keeps yoga teachers confident and secure sticking poses, many instructors argue this is the best mat for their students. Jade is well known for good customer service, and the mats are made in the United States . If that’s not enough, they plant a tree for every mat sold, and they are biodegradable!

4.PrAna E.C.O Yoga MatThe ECO mat is more anti-slip than a standard mat, adhering well to the floor and your feet. They have great designs and a good amount of cushion to lift you from the Best Yoga mat #4solid floor below. If you sweat a lot, you may still need a towel, although most users will be fine without one. The two sided mat benefit, cushioning, toxic-free production, nice grip and great price led us to choose this as the best mat from prAna’s Earth Conscious Offering collection.

Best for Less – Why Pay More?

5.Gaiam Print Yoga Mat. If you’re looking for a good, cheap mat, the Gaiam is the best yoga mat for you. Priced at a very reasonable $20 or so, the mat Best Yoga mat #5 cheapwill hold up well for the occasional yoga practice, and look great on the floor. It’s non-slip traction holds up well, and it’s pretty lightweight. There are more than a dozen designs to choose from, and they clean easily with soap and water. They are sticky and thin, which work well for beginning or infrequent yoga.

Looking for more yoga accessories? Yoga bags are a great way to store your yoga mat when it’s not in use – be sure to order the right size to matchbest yoga mat - yoga bag your yoga mat’s width! A larger yoga bag may be needed best yoga mat - yoga mat slingsdepending on the size you use. Another accessory you may enjoy having from day one is a yoga mat sling to carry your mat with. You’ll notice most people who frequently practice yoga are fanatics about two things – their mats and their slings!

There are a number of additional accessories, such as Yoga Wheels, DVDs, Books, Pants, Socks found on Amazon’s most highly recommended yoga list.

Looking for more best of the best? How about the best hair dryer for smooth straight hair found here!

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