Top Reseller Mailing Supplies

I’ve been reselling for a few years now, and there are a few items that have become must have reseller mailing supplies. Below you will find a list of the top mailing supplies I use for my reselling business.

Best Reseller Mailing Supplies – My Must Haves

I’ve broken down the reseller mailing supplies to include packing supplies, mailing supplies and shipping supplies – but they all make up reseller mailing supplies must haves!

Mailing Supplies

  • A Postal Scale – if you are using any selling platform other than Poshmark, this is a must-have. And if you’re selling an item or bundles that may weigh over five pounds (the maximum weight for a standard Poshmark shipping label), this Postal Scale is a quick, easy machine to weigh packages easily. It’s probably the best $20 I’ve spent on reselling business supplies!
Best Items for Reseller Mailing Supplies

The right packing supplies are a simple, easy way to make your life (or hobby) easier as a reseller.

Packing Supplies

  • Padding Shipping Envelopes – if you are shipping anything on your own, these are great, easy self-sealing padded envelopes. Customers like the extra touch of a padded envelope, and I primarily sell only clothing. These white mailers are 9.5″ x 14.5″ so they fit most smaller items and one or two clothing items. There are 100 bags for only about $35 so it’s a great deal. You may be able to get away with smaller envelopes to save on cost – both supplies and shipping – but I have limited space, so I opt for the larger envelopes and simply fold them to make them smaller to save on shipping if possible. The Amazon store that I get these from has a lot of poly mailers and bubble mailers if you prefer something more colorful or different.
  • Clean Newsprint Packing Paper – this is probably my favorite find. I tried tissue paper, and lots of options before finding this great quality newsprint packing paper (that’s easily recyclable!), clean, and easy to use. It packs items neatly and easily and is a great way to wrap items prior to shipping. I wrap all items – even clothing – to help improve the customer experience. I have a lot of repeat sellers , so making sure the customer experience is great is very important. It comes in a neat and tidy box, and includes up to 500 sheets. The 500 sheets of 24″ x 30″ paper is by far the best buy at only $38. I also typically have this packing paper on hand as well as it’s also clean blank newsprint and a steal at $45 for 640 sheets of slightly smaller 27″ x 17″ paper.
  • Quality Packing Tape – do yourself a favor and don’t cheap out on tape. I’ve tried many varieties, cheap and otherwise, and the Scotch brand shipping tape is well worth the price. It’s less of a hassle, actually tapes things closed, and is clear and easy to apply. For four rolls of 54.6 yards of tape for $21, it’s well worth it.
  • Crush-Proof Box – I sell sunglasses on occasion, and found these small crush-proof boxes to be well worth the money. The folding of the boxes always took me a minute to remember how to do each time I sold a pair, but the flat packing and storage of them made the pause well worth the effort. They are small, and easily fit glasses or a similarly-sized item. Customers were always impressed with them upon receipt. I typically put these right into the padded envelopes noted above and off they went. No problems with over 100 pairs sold!
  • Extra Large Shipping Bags – anyone who has used PirateShip or worked with the USPS for shipping items knows that it’s cheaper to throw that box into a bag to ship. Why? Not sure, but it always seems to price out that way, so I keep some of these over sized shipping bags on hand to put larger items, large bundle sales, or boxes into so I can save on shipping. At under $20 for 50 bags, it’s definitely worth the savings on shipping costs.


  • Shipping label printer – this one took me awhile to bite the bullet on. The price tag is relatively high compared to other items to support a reselling business, but the time saved (& tape saved) is tremendous. I now have two! I have one that’s wifi enabled so I can print from my phone right in my reseller room. AND one that’s connected to my computer so I can print from my desk. I thought I’d sell the connected one after getting the wifi one, but I love both so am keeping them both for now. I highly recommend the Rollo shipping label printer. The cost seems high at first but you can use paper that’s cheaper and there’s NO INK cost so over the long run you pay less. I typically print the labels from my desk one at a time and write what each item is on the back of the label to help keep me organized. Highly recommend once you’re selling at least 5-10 items a week. I got mine for my birthday I wanted it so much! The paper refill is only $20 for 500 labels.
Best Reseller Mailing Supplies to Buy

Shipping label printer – this one took me awhile to bite the bullet on. The price tag is relatively high compared to other items to support a reselling business, but the time saved (& tape saved) is tremendous.

A Postal Scale – if you are using any selling platform other than Poshmark, this is a must-have.

Additional Reselling Tips

  • How to sell more on Poshmark
  • Spend less time sharing on Poshmark – and still be successful
  • Use Google Lens to find images using their reverse lookup search.
  • Review your numbers from past sales – what platforms do you sell the most on (Poshmark, Mercari, Ebay, Depop, etc)? What brands do you sell the most often? Which brands do you make the most money on? What categories sell best for you?
  • Crosspost from one platform (like Poshmark) to others (like Ebay, Mercari, Etsy and more) using a quick and easy online sharing software program like Vendoo. Time is money, so spend your time and money wisely. I typically sign up, cross post a bunch, and then let it lapse for a bit until I have time/energy to post more. That way I’m not paying all the time unless I’m actively posting. Others use it for inventory management and analytics but I use Google sheets so don’t need that additional functionality (yet!).
  • If you plan to ship items, do NOT bring it to one of the local mailing places or directly to the USPS for pricing – use PirateShip or another online service to get the commercial shipping rate (usually about 20-25% cheaper) without any fees!! Simply weigh the item in the package for mailing and measure it and go to for further instructions. You can then drop items off at the USPS (or put in your mailbox if they fit) or UPS, etc. Super easy and a BIG game changer.

A quick disclaimer

Opinions are my own. Links are to the products for convenience. I may receive compensation if you purchase these or other products using the links on this website. All prices noted are based on the prices found on Amazon when this was written and are subject to change – especially in this crazy market.

Reseller Mailing Supplies Worth Every Penny

Time is money.

Spend more time posting more items. Spend less time fussing with things you don’t need to.

Happy Selling!

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