Top Tips: How to sell More on Poshmark

Poshmark Quick Tips

Whether you’re simply cleaning out your closet, or looking to resell beyond your closet, top tips & tricks for how to sell more on Poshmark will help. Maximize your Poshmark selling opportunities by learning more about pricing, sharing, listing, selling fees, and more with these top tips for how to sell more on Poshmark. Happy poshing!

Fast Tips for How to Sell More on Poshmark

TIP #1: PRICING to sell more on Poshmark

Quick Pricing Tip: Price with Poshmark discounting and filters in mind

Pricing on Poshmark can be a challenge. If you want to sell more, you need to get pricing right. Start by thinking about what you realistically think you can get for an item. Do this based on supply and demand, trends, recent comparable sales, etc. Once you have a number in mind, price your item so you can drop the price a at least once and still ultimately get to that number.

Dropping the price will help provide incentive for people to pull the trigger and buy. For example, if you think you can sell an item for $20, price it at $23. When you do a private or public price reduction of at least 10%, Poshmark will send the likers a notification. If you want to be able to do this multiple times, you will need to price it higher.

Often shoppers like to feel like they’re getting a special deal, so want an offer at a lower price. That being said, do not price too low or people will think that something is wrong with the item. A deal that’s “too good to be true” often rings true.

If you will not allow discounting, and do not want to entertain offers, mark your prices as firm. Shoppers on Poshmark often have an expectation for further discounting. The other thing to keep in mind when pricing is the filters available for shoppers. The filter ranges for pricing are $0-$25, $25 to $50, $50 to $100. For example, if you have an item priced at $55, it will only show up in one filter. It may make sense to reduce the item to $50 so your item shows up in both searches. More visibility means more shoppers, and potentially more sales!

TIP #2: SHARING on Poshmark to get more sales

High level quick sharing tip: Poshmark encourages sharing. Sharing your OWN closet is more important than sharing the items in other people’s closets to sell more on Poshmark

One of the most tedious parts of selling through Poshmark is the need to repeatedly share your items for sale. But one of the best parts about selling through Poshmark is the amazing search engine optimization (SEO). Post an item and then search for the title on Google and it nearly immediately shows up in search results! I recommend sharing your items at minimum twice a day, and ideally three times a day. I typically try to share in the morning, midday, and again in the 10 pm (eastern time) party. When you share the items in your closet, they come up higher in the filtered results when people are searching. For example, try searching for Nike shorts. The results will default to show the items most recently shared. So this “sharing tip” is to make sure you share the items in your closet, and to share them often.

Don’t have time to share so often, want to spend more time on listing or shopping? Check out our blog to learn how to spend less time sharing and still be successful on Poshmark.

Social media promotion is very encouraged! There are many Poshers on Instagram, many of whom offer great tips for selling on Poshmark. The more you share, the more people see your items, the more sales you will have.

TIP #3: DISCOUNTING to sell more on Poshmark

Discounting Quick Tip: Poshmark requires a 10 percent discount to promote

As mentioned above, pricing can be a challenge. Poshmark looks at pricing history, so start higher to allow room in your pricing to promote discounts. Many people just need that extra push with a discount offer to buy. I recommend offering a discount to likers soon after they like your items to help encourage impulse buys. If you do not want to offer discounts, mark your prices as firm as buyers who use Poshmark frequently expect discounts.

Another area you can provide incentives to shoppers is through discounts on bundles, and reduced shipping rates. In other words, you can encourage buyers to get two or more items at once by offering a discount. There is a setting to allow Poshmark to do this discounting automatically for you. Encouraging bundles saves the buyer money through the discounted rate and reduced shipping cost. The buyer will only be charged for shipping once if they buy the items together.

You can also add a shipping discount for the buyer, but you do not have to when working within a bundle. Outside of a bundle, if you want to offer the private discount, you must drop the price by at least 10% and offer a shipping discount. Watch the net revenue level to make sure you’re still making money – or at minimum, breaking even in the beginning!

TIP # 4: NEGOTIATING on Poshmark WILL help you sell more on Poshmark

Negotiating Quick Tip: Poshmark is a resale platform, where shoppers are coming for deals, so expect to negotiate

Let me say it again. Negotiating with buyers on Poshmark will help you sell more on Poshmark.

One of the biggest traps I’ve seen people fall into when it comes to Poshmark is taking sales tactics personally. As with anything in business, always stay professional and do not take things personally. If someone offers you a “low-ball” offer, simply counter offer with a price you are comfortable with. I often will come down a small amount, and then the person will continue to come back until we meet in the middle. I never ignore or decline offers, but will counter offer with a minimal discount if I feel the item is already priced low enough.

Do not engage in negative language or discussions that are not helpful to your business. If negotiating is not something you want to do, indicate that your prices are firm. You are your brand on Poshmark. Do not engage in negative conversations on Poshmark or social media platforms that you use to promote your business, as they poorly reflect on you, and your closet, even when you may be in the right.

Some users “block” potential buyers because they are insulted by a “low-ball” offer. Remember these are potential buyers, and many cultures encourage negotiation, and some see it as an art. If you don’t want to engage, or simply block potential buyers, you’re leaving money on the table. I’ve had some of my biggest bundle sales from people who started off with offers that were definitely too low to start! This is one of the most important top tips on how to sell more on Poshmark, so please make sure you are open to negotiating.

TIP #5: SHIPPING on Poshmark

Shipping Quick Tip: Poshmark buyers typically pay for shipping; sellers pay difference when over 5 lbs so sell more, but don’t get stuck with extra fees

On Poshmark, the buyer pays for shipping unless the seller specifically offers it at a reduced rate through a private offer or bundled deal. The seller can offer a partial shipping discount or free shipping. Free shipping is not common or typically expected on Poshmark. Discounted shipping is expected by frequent Poshmark shoppers.

NOTE, if a buyers bundled items add up to above 5 pounds, the additional shipping cost will be taken out of your sales revenue (when requesting a modified shipping label). Letting buyers know when items cannot be bundled together due to shipping weight limits will help avoid overage fees. To avoid shipping discounts, create a bundle of your customer, and give them a discounted rate from the bundle, where shipping discounts are not required.

Learn more about upgrading your shipping label on Poshmark (necessary if your package weighs over 5 pounds).

TIP #6: LISTING on Poshmark

Quick Tips for Listing to get more sales: Poshmark wants you to list more items

I haven’t found any official notes from Poshmark about listing more items each day, but there are many of us who swear it helps sales! So not only is it important to have items in your closet, and to share those items, but it’s also important to add more items to your closet, and ideally on a daily basis. You can also relist items (using the copy functionality) to get items featured up near the top of the “Just in” search results lists.

I’ve had the best luck listing new items daily whenever possible, and listing items with brands that are well known. The more you list, the more you will sell. It’s definitely a numbers game!

Higher quality brands, and items with unique and fun styles tend to sell well. Some brands have sold surprisingly slowly or not at all for me. Brands that do NOT do well for me in the reseller space include: Chico’s, Life is Good, Banana Republic, Gap. Brands that seem to do consistently well include: Dr. Martens, Rothy’s, Tieks, Vans for shoes, and for clothing, Lily Pulitzer, Nike, Lululemon, Torrid, and Free People. Jeans vary, with American Eagle Outfitters often flying out of my closet as fast as I list them (maybe I need to raise my prices!). 🙂

Quick tips for selling listings on Poshmark – what will help my listing sell faster.

Tip #7: FEES on Poshmark

Fees Quick Tip: Poshmark charges per sale, not listing

Poshmark takes 20% for each sale, but a minimum of $2.95. It’s one of the more expensive platforms, but there’s a reason many still use it. Poshmark makes it incredibly easy for buyers and sellers. They also have excellent search engine optimization (SEO), which essentially means your items come up in Google search results well.

Note these tips are offered in good faith based on information available at time of posting. Always follow guidelines posted on the Poshmark website.

What are your favorite things to sell? Where do you source your items? My favorite items to sell are J. McLaughlin dresses. I absolutely love them! Connect with me on Instagram – I’m happy to follow you back to learn great tips for how to sell more on Poshmark from you, too!

Top Reseller Mailing Supplies

I’ve been reselling for a few years now, and there are a few items that have become must have reseller mailing supplies. Below you will find a list of the top mailing supplies I use for my reselling business.

Best Reseller Mailing Supplies – My Must Haves

I’ve broken down the reseller mailing supplies to include packing supplies, mailing supplies and shipping supplies – but they all make up reseller mailing supplies must haves!

Mailing Supplies

  • A Postal Scale – if you are using any selling platform other than Poshmark, this is a must-have. And if you’re selling an item or bundles that may weigh over five pounds (the maximum weight for a standard Poshmark shipping label), this Postal Scale is a quick, easy machine to weigh packages easily. It’s probably the best $20 I’ve spent on reselling business supplies!
Best Items for Reseller Mailing Supplies

The right packing supplies are a simple, easy way to make your life (or hobby) easier as a reseller.

Packing Supplies

  • Padding Shipping Envelopes – if you are shipping anything on your own, these are great, easy self-sealing padded envelopes. Customers like the extra touch of a padded envelope, and I primarily sell only clothing. These white mailers are 9.5″ x 14.5″ so they fit most smaller items and one or two clothing items. There are 100 bags for only about $35 so it’s a great deal. You may be able to get away with smaller envelopes to save on cost – both supplies and shipping – but I have limited space, so I opt for the larger envelopes and simply fold them to make them smaller to save on shipping if possible. The Amazon store that I get these from has a lot of poly mailers and bubble mailers if you prefer something more colorful or different.
  • Clean Newsprint Packing Paper – this is probably my favorite find. I tried tissue paper, and lots of options before finding this great quality newsprint packing paper (that’s easily recyclable!), clean, and easy to use. It packs items neatly and easily and is a great way to wrap items prior to shipping. I wrap all items – even clothing – to help improve the customer experience. I have a lot of repeat sellers , so making sure the customer experience is great is very important. It comes in a neat and tidy box, and includes up to 500 sheets. The 500 sheets of 24″ x 30″ paper is by far the best buy at only $38. I also typically have this packing paper on hand as well as it’s also clean blank newsprint and a steal at $45 for 640 sheets of slightly smaller 27″ x 17″ paper.
  • Quality Packing Tape – do yourself a favor and don’t cheap out on tape. I’ve tried many varieties, cheap and otherwise, and the Scotch brand shipping tape is well worth the price. It’s less of a hassle, actually tapes things closed, and is clear and easy to apply. For four rolls of 54.6 yards of tape for $21, it’s well worth it.
  • Crush-Proof Box – I sell sunglasses on occasion, and found these small crush-proof boxes to be well worth the money. The folding of the boxes always took me a minute to remember how to do each time I sold a pair, but the flat packing and storage of them made the pause well worth the effort. They are small, and easily fit glasses or a similarly-sized item. Customers were always impressed with them upon receipt. I typically put these right into the padded envelopes noted above and off they went. No problems with over 100 pairs sold!
  • Extra Large Shipping Bags – anyone who has used PirateShip or worked with the USPS for shipping items knows that it’s cheaper to throw that box into a bag to ship. Why? Not sure, but it always seems to price out that way, so I keep some of these over sized shipping bags on hand to put larger items, large bundle sales, or boxes into so I can save on shipping. At under $20 for 50 bags, it’s definitely worth the savings on shipping costs.


  • Shipping label printer – this one took me awhile to bite the bullet on. The price tag is relatively high compared to other items to support a reselling business, but the time saved (& tape saved) is tremendous. I now have two! I have one that’s wifi enabled so I can print from my phone right in my reseller room. AND one that’s connected to my computer so I can print from my desk. I thought I’d sell the connected one after getting the wifi one, but I love both so am keeping them both for now. I highly recommend the Rollo shipping label printer. The cost seems high at first but you can use paper that’s cheaper and there’s NO INK cost so over the long run you pay less. I typically print the labels from my desk one at a time and write what each item is on the back of the label to help keep me organized. Highly recommend once you’re selling at least 5-10 items a week. I got mine for my birthday I wanted it so much! The paper refill is only $20 for 500 labels.
Best Reseller Mailing Supplies to Buy

Shipping label printer – this one took me awhile to bite the bullet on. The price tag is relatively high compared to other items to support a reselling business, but the time saved (& tape saved) is tremendous.

A Postal Scale – if you are using any selling platform other than Poshmark, this is a must-have.

Additional Reselling Tips

  • How to sell more on Poshmark
  • Spend less time sharing on Poshmark – and still be successful
  • Use Google Lens to find images using their reverse lookup search.
  • Review your numbers from past sales – what platforms do you sell the most on (Poshmark, Mercari, Ebay, Depop, etc)? What brands do you sell the most often? Which brands do you make the most money on? What categories sell best for you?
  • Crosspost from one platform (like Poshmark) to others (like Ebay, Mercari, Etsy and more) using a quick and easy online sharing software program like Vendoo. Time is money, so spend your time and money wisely. I typically sign up, cross post a bunch, and then let it lapse for a bit until I have time/energy to post more. That way I’m not paying all the time unless I’m actively posting. Others use it for inventory management and analytics but I use Google sheets so don’t need that additional functionality (yet!).
  • If you plan to ship items, do NOT bring it to one of the local mailing places or directly to the USPS for pricing – use PirateShip or another online service to get the commercial shipping rate (usually about 20-25% cheaper) without any fees!! Simply weigh the item in the package for mailing and measure it and go to for further instructions. You can then drop items off at the USPS (or put in your mailbox if they fit) or UPS, etc. Super easy and a BIG game changer.

A quick disclaimer

Opinions are my own. Links are to the products for convenience. I may receive compensation if you purchase these or other products using the links on this website. All prices noted are based on the prices found on Amazon when this was written and are subject to change – especially in this crazy market.

Reseller Mailing Supplies Worth Every Penny

Time is money.

Spend more time posting more items. Spend less time fussing with things you don’t need to.

Happy Selling!

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Spend Less Time Sharing: Poshmark Success

Listing for Sales

We all know that sharing is critical to successful sales on Poshmark. But with four parties a day, 5 million other sellers to compete against, and millions of items out there, how do you spend less time sharing and still be successful on Poshmark?

The easy answer is cloning yourself, but that’s not so easy. The next best thing is getting a reseller assistant, who will share your items throughout the day and overnight. This helps ensure your items are coming up high in the “just in” search results. Potential buyers shop all day and night, so a virtual assistant who shares multiple times a day really pays off. You still need great inventory to be successful, but more about that later.

Free up your time by Using a BOT

First, it’s important to know that Poshmark has an official policy against the usage of Bots* so you use them at your own risk. I was hesitant at first, but as I began to use Poshmark more and more, it wasn’t realistic for me to share my closet and list and source new items. Sourcing has always been the most fun, and listing a requirement, so anything after that was just annoying (unless I was doing the shopping of course!). So after using Reseller Assistant (see below), I heard that the software behind the scenes was Posher VA. It’s easily added as a Chrome extension to your desktop browser, and you can schedule sharing and more. I started with simple shares in the morning and evening, but since i started using it, they’ve rolled out more and more functionality! They’ll follow, share and more for you in an automated fashion with still a lot of control in your hands! Just this week they rolled out the ability to list & delist items, allowing me even more free time to list new items! (BEST FEATURE YET!!) The price is excellent, the lift to get start is very easy, and they offer a referral discount of 20% off their 1-month, 3-month or 6-month plans. My referral link: and the promo code is my Poshmark closet name, ShanaNH.

I switched to Posher VA a few months ago, and I am definitely keeping with them as long as Poshmark will allow me to – it’s great! NOTE you do have to keep your computer on (can’t be asleep or off), and connected to the internet for it to work.

Bots are a way to use automation for engaging with content. Over the past six months or so, Poshmark has seemingly embraced the fact that most of their larger resellers use bots, and have slowed their efforts to stop the bots. There are still Captchas to reduce automation efforts, but most bots can handle Captcha’s, and Poshmark even highlight sellers who readily admit to using bots to engage with the sites. Some resellers who refused to use them reached out to Poshmark to comment on their policy to no avail.

Free up your time by Using a Virtual Assistant with Reseller Assistant

I started with the Reseller Assistant website with their $25 a week deal, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. As I continued to grow my closet, I wanted to keep my costs down. I started conservatively, and simply did the special about once a month. The Reseller Assistant program will NOT automatically renew you, or notify you when the week is over. You will notice the difference! I signed up with a promise that each day I paid for the service, I would list at least 2-3 items. It worked!

The combination of listing more, having a closet with more inventory, and having someone else focus on sharing for me, I was able to watch the metrics better, and see sales start to grow more consistently. By listing 2-3 items a day, I began to have daily sales. More people would visit my closet for one item, and then shop around for other items too. Free time allowed me to better view the diversity of my inventory, and see what sold well and what didn’t. And by selling higher value items, even with a higher cost of goods, I was able to limit my total inventory (necessary with my limited space), and still have the sales that I wanted.

I started one week at a time

Finally, I bit the bullet, and bought the Reseller Assistant’s lowest monthly plan, and did it for the quarterly purchase to save 10 percent. I now feel so much freer to go shopping (my favorite!!), take photos and measurements, and list. So by spending less time sharing, I was able to still be successful on Poshmark. In fact, it’s brought my sales to the next level.

One of the biggest recommendations you’ll hear when you start a business is that you need to be able to clone yourself because you can’t do it all. Find out what someone else can do for you so you can focus on what you want to do, or you do best. In my case, I really enjoy thrifting, and washing everything is easy, so the tougher work for me now is the photography and listing, but with so much freedom by no longer having to share, share, share, I have no excuses!

To learn more about Reseller Assistant, and their plans, click here. I recommend the one-week special for $25 to try it out if you’re ready to start now. Sign up for their mailing list to hear about their 10% off sales.

I’ve found that the investment has been well worth it, as my sales have been consistently higher, and I’m happier feeling less tied to sharing, sharing and more sharing in order to be successful.

Spend less time sharing on Poshmark and still be successful – how to guide in a nutshell

  1. Clone yourself – think about what someone else can do for you, so you’re freed up to do other things
  2. Easiest thing to delegate is sharing
  3. Choose a reliable, vetted person or company to assist you
  4. Commit to how you’re going to use that free time to continue to grow your company
  5. Add metrics to your to-do list: understand what is selling and what is not, and try to figure out why. Buy more only of what sells!

Reseller Assistant does offer an affiliate program, of which I have become a member. I joined only because it truly works for me, and I believe in sharing what works with others so we can all be successful. I do receive a small commission if you sign up using my links. The commission helps my small business reduce expenses. I hope you found this blog helpful, and that Reseller Assistant can help your business grow, too!

This information is true and accurate based on my personal experience.

Want to learn more about how I’ve been successful? Check out Top Tips for How to Sell More on Poshmark.