Best Blender for Smoothies and Bowls

I love smoothies and after a local Juicery started making amazing smoothie bowls, I’ve been trying to make them at home. We had the NutriBullet for years, and have slowly replaced parts here and there. Recently the motor started smelling, so unquestionably, I knew it was time to look into a new option. I did the typical Amazon search for reviews and best blender options and found a number of results to try. My requirements were for a blender to fit easily under my low cabinets and quickly and easily make smoothies and bowls. After a fairly extensive search, I decided to try the Ninja brand. Numerous reviews said it was the best blender for smoothies and bowls.

The Ninja SS151 TWISTi Blender Duo

This blender is a huge step above the NutriBullet. The motor is stronger, it cleans just as easily as the NutriBullet. The super easy functions make it fast and easy to start using. Model SS151 comes with a 34-ounce pitcher, which is great when I’m making smoothies for more than just myself. Additionally, it comes with smaller single serve cups, lids and a small recipe book. The instructions were very simple and clear, and after a quick wash, we were able to start using the blender. It’s definitely the best blender for smoothies and bowls I’ve ever used.

I am impressed with the power, speed, versatility and easy-to-clean benefits. I had heard from others that Ninja is the best blender, but now I’m a true believer! Even my teen son is on board and making smoothies or bowls everyday.

It crushes ice easily and I’m excited to try it to make spreads and more!

The only thing I’d recommend is to make sure you have ingredients on hand when you receive it! I had to go out and buy more frozen bananas and other fruit! We were eager to make more smoothies and bowls after trying out how easy this great blender.