Best Gel Nail Polish – No Heat Lamp Required

Gel Nail Polish No Heat Lamp Required

The new gel nail polishes now available last an amazingly long time. But the hassle to take the gel and shellac polishes off, and expense to get it done had me on the search to find the best gel nail polish alternative – one with no heat lamp required, and a simpler removal process.

The polish I love the most that doesn’t have the gel feature is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polish – it goes on fast, and really does dry faster than any other polish I’ve ever tried. Best non gel nail polish

The challenge with it, like most nail polishes, is that it just doesn’t last that long. Within a couple of days it starts to come off and my nails just don’t look that great, making me shy to show my hands. It shouldn’t matter, I suppose, but it does to me, so I want nice polished nails!

I went the gel route for a few months, but my nails underneath were clearly getting wrecked, and the time and cost were starting to wear on me.

I began to look at other options when I heard there was a new gel polish that lasted longer without the salon visit. The Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen goes on fast, dries pretty quickly (not Insta-Dry fast tGel Nail Polish No Heat Lamp Requiredhough!), and lasts much longer than the regular non-gel polish. The Miracle Gel applies like normal nail polish, with simple coats, and the top coat seals the gel polish. No heat lamp required! The results last about 5-7 days, and the removal is just like removing regular nail polish – no soaking in acetone for what seems like forever! Plus your nails aren’t tried out and cracking at the removal time.

In the end, I still do the salon gel treatment on special occasions when I know I’ll want my nails to look good worry-free for up to two weeks, but now I use the Miracle Gel when I want them to look good without the cost or extra time commitment. It’s much cheaper and easier!