Spend Less Time Sharing: Poshmark Success

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We all know that sharing is critical to successful sales on Poshmark. But with four parties a day, 5 million other sellers to compete against, and millions of items out there, how do you spend less time sharing and still be successful on Poshmark?

The easy answer is cloning yourself, but that’s not so easy. The next best thing is getting a reseller assistant, who will share your items throughout the day and overnight. This helps ensure your items are coming up high in the “just in” search results. Potential buyers shop all day and night, so a virtual assistant who shares multiple times a day really pays off. You still need great inventory to be successful, but more about that later.

Free up your time by Using a BOT

First, it’s important to know that Poshmark has an official policy against the usage of Bots* so you use them at your own risk. I was hesitant at first, but as I began to use Poshmark more and more, it wasn’t realistic for me to share my closet and list and source new items. Sourcing has always been the most fun, and listing a requirement, so anything after that was just annoying (unless I was doing the shopping of course!). So after using Reseller Assistant (see below), I heard that the software behind the scenes was Posher VA. It’s easily added as a Chrome extension to your desktop browser, and you can schedule sharing and more. I started with simple shares in the morning and evening, but since i started using it, they’ve rolled out more and more functionality! They’ll follow, share and more for you in an automated fashion with still a lot of control in your hands! Just this week they rolled out the ability to list & delist items, allowing me even more free time to list new items! (BEST FEATURE YET!!) The price is excellent, the lift to get start is very easy, and they offer a referral discount of 20% off their 1-month, 3-month or 6-month plans. My referral link: https://posherva.com/?via=shananh and the promo code is my Poshmark closet name, ShanaNH.

I switched to Posher VA a few months ago, and I am definitely keeping with them as long as Poshmark will allow me to – it’s great! NOTE you do have to keep your computer on (can’t be asleep or off), and connected to the internet for it to work.

Bots are a way to use automation for engaging with content. Over the past six months or so, Poshmark has seemingly embraced the fact that most of their larger resellers use bots, and have slowed their efforts to stop the bots. There are still Captchas to reduce automation efforts, but most bots can handle Captcha’s, and Poshmark even highlight sellers who readily admit to using bots to engage with the sites. Some resellers who refused to use them reached out to Poshmark to comment on their policy to no avail.

Free up your time by Using a Virtual Assistant with Reseller Assistant

I started with the Reseller Assistant website with their $25 a week deal, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. As I continued to grow my closet, I wanted to keep my costs down. I started conservatively, and simply did the special about once a month. The Reseller Assistant program will NOT automatically renew you, or notify you when the week is over. You will notice the difference! I signed up with a promise that each day I paid for the service, I would list at least 2-3 items. It worked!

The combination of listing more, having a closet with more inventory, and having someone else focus on sharing for me, I was able to watch the metrics better, and see sales start to grow more consistently. By listing 2-3 items a day, I began to have daily sales. More people would visit my closet for one item, and then shop around for other items too. Free time allowed me to better view the diversity of my inventory, and see what sold well and what didn’t. And by selling higher value items, even with a higher cost of goods, I was able to limit my total inventory (necessary with my limited space), and still have the sales that I wanted.

I started one week at a time

Finally, I bit the bullet, and bought the Reseller Assistant’s lowest monthly plan, and did it for the quarterly purchase to save 10 percent. I now feel so much freer to go shopping (my favorite!!), take photos and measurements, and list. So by spending less time sharing, I was able to still be successful on Poshmark. In fact, it’s brought my sales to the next level.

One of the biggest recommendations you’ll hear when you start a business is that you need to be able to clone yourself because you can’t do it all. Find out what someone else can do for you so you can focus on what you want to do, or you do best. In my case, I really enjoy thrifting, and washing everything is easy, so the tougher work for me now is the photography and listing, but with so much freedom by no longer having to share, share, share, I have no excuses!

To learn more about Reseller Assistant, and their plans, click here. I recommend the one-week special for $25 to try it out if you’re ready to start now. Sign up for their mailing list to hear about their 10% off sales.

I’ve found that the investment has been well worth it, as my sales have been consistently higher, and I’m happier feeling less tied to sharing, sharing and more sharing in order to be successful.

Spend less time sharing on Poshmark and still be successful – how to guide in a nutshell

  1. Clone yourself – think about what someone else can do for you, so you’re freed up to do other things
  2. Easiest thing to delegate is sharing
  3. Choose a reliable, vetted person or company to assist you
  4. Commit to how you’re going to use that free time to continue to grow your company
  5. Add metrics to your to-do list: understand what is selling and what is not, and try to figure out why. Buy more only of what sells!

Reseller Assistant does offer an affiliate program, of which I have become a member. I joined only because it truly works for me, and I believe in sharing what works with others so we can all be successful. I do receive a small commission if you sign up using my links. The commission helps my small business reduce expenses. I hope you found this blog helpful, and that Reseller Assistant can help your business grow, too!

This information is true and accurate based on my personal experience.

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